portrait taken of myself

Hello! My name is Kendall.
Let me take your picture.

A little about me: I live in La Crescent, Minnesota at the moment. I am a graphic design student and I am currently in the middle of my last semester. My design work will be included on this website eventually, but right now I'm focusing on my photography. I spend lots of my time at concerts and music events. I have a huge love for live music and I defininitely would like to start going on tours as a photographer so I can create content for bands while they share their music with people all over the place. I love my family, my boyfriend, my animals (and his), and my studies. I have so much drive and passion for creating things; I have never felt more creatively free than I do currently. I was born with a speech impediment but that doesn't stop me from achieving the things I want to. All I ask is that people give me the same patience and tolerance and acceptance that you would give anyone else!

It stands that if I contact you first and ask you to do a shoot or if I want to shoot your band's set without you coming to me first, I will not charge you. If you offer to pay me, I will accept it. That being said, I hope none of you take advantage of that hospitality!

I hope I get to meet you!